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Our scientifically trained attorneys are extensively experienced in the preparation and worldwide prosecution of patent applications. We have filed thousands of patent applications and obtained over 1,000 patents. We have obtained patents for entities ranging from large multinational corporations to independent inventors, both from the U.S. and foreign countries.

We take an active approach to patent prosecution – from searching the prior art to preparing the initial patent application to handle examiner responses and amendments. Experienced with large domestic and international clients, our team has developed processes and procedures for efficiently drafting and prosecuting patent applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and foreign Intellectual Patent Offices. While our patent preparation and prosecution processes and procedures are geared towards maximizing efficiency and value for our clients, we believe the patenting process is interactive from start to finish.  As such, our standard processes and procedures include regular interaction with our clients’ inventors and in-house counsels throughout the patenting process, as well as regular interaction with the patent office examiners assigned to our clients’ patent applications after filing. 

We guide clients around the pitfalls of the patent landscape, including offering patent clearance and invalidity opinions. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ industry, gaining valuable insights into their operations, which enables us to identify risks that could alter their technology strategies and related business plans.  Our attorneys have direct contacts with major U.S. retail chains and can assist clients to efficiently obtain patent clearance in those retail chains.

We work with each client to ensure they understand the true value and extent of their patent portfolio and related technology assets enabling them to make informed decisions regarding negotiations and acquisitions.


We proactively examine all facets of a potential deal - from obligations to liability - as we analyze the risks and weigh available opportunities to make sure our clients and their assets are protected to advance their business objectives.

We understand the importance of a sophisticated, diverse patent portfolio, and we guide clients through the process of developing and managing their portfolio to meet their business objectives. In becoming a trusted ally for our clients, we’re able to craft a strategy to meet their needs.

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